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Hi everyone and welcome to our new website!

In the comming days we are gonna update our page with more and more info as we progress.
In the mean time, come and play with us at our mcsurvival server:  play.mcsurvival.nl


The settings of our server are:

We run Spigot version 1.11.2 (you can connect with all clients from 1.8 till 1.11.2)
We have GriefPrevention so you can claim your awesome builds!
In case someone is bothering you on your claim, you can kick them from your claim using: /kfc {playername}
We have a nice economy with Vault and a Token Manager
You get tokens for just being online!
We have a nice tokenshop where you can buy spawners, buy permissions to mine spawners, buy player vaults, the use of the command /fly and /craft and many more!
We run Advanced Achievements so you get cash and/or tokens for every advancement you make!
You can convert cash to tokens and tokens to cash, so you can earn stuff fast
You can melt metal tools (gold / iron) back to metal nuggets!
You can have your own ChestShop on the server
You can make a warp for people to travel to your shop or claim with a wwarp sign!
We run a auction system so you can auction stuff so other players can buy it
You can keep track of your playtime with the command: /playtime

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